Gunns collapse - Who wins in the games Greens play?

25 September 2012

Tasmanian Senator and Coalition Forestry Spokesman Richard Colbeck said today the demise of Gunns gave reason for Tasmanians to ask serious questions about the future.

He said while the collapse of the once billion-dollar company was complex, the Greens were central to the whole sorry saga.

"Who wins today?" Senator Colbeck said. "This will have a profound effect through the Tasmanian economy.

"At the kitchen table our thoughts are with the workers, their families, contractors and shareholders across the State.

"And at the boardroom table there's a clear message as well - a message about investing in Tasmania."

Senator Colbeck said Gunns' reputation was shredded by a concerted, unrelenting Greens campaign into local communities, national and international markets.

"We a seeing a stark example of Greens policy at work," he said.

"It was the deal with the Greens that saw Gunns go out of native forests.

"It was the Greens and the State Labor Government that brought about the sham which is the intergovernmental agreement. "It was the Greens that chased away Chandler Corporation.

"It's a hard reality, but this is what the world looks like when the Greens get some control."

Senator Colbeck said wider public opinion was starting to turn against the Greens.

"No wonder people are starting to see through this anti-development, anti-everything outfit," Senator Colbeck said.

"Tim Morris is on the record saying the Greens want to de-industrialise Tasmania.

"We're seeing the fruits of their labour.

"We demand Premier Lara Giddings take action, remove the Green cancer from her Cabinet and restore some confidence for those considering investment in this great State."

250912 Gunns collapse - Who wins in the games Greens play

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