250612 Combet and Co ignorant of Carbon Tax cost to Tasmania

Greg Combet and his Federal Labor colleagues have today demonstrated breathtaking ignorance at the Carbon Tax cost burden that is about to hit Tasmanian businesses.

The Minister for Climate Change told ABC 936 Radio this morning he would report to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission a Southern Tasmanian garden nursery that was informing customers of coming price rises due to rising freight costs.

"Minister Combet's bully-boy response revealed how ignorant he and his Government are about the wide-spread effects of Labor's toxic Carbon Tax," Senator Richard Colbeck said on behalf of the Tasmanian Liberal Senate Team.

"Labors ignorance was later confirmed when I raised the issue in Senate Question Time today and both Senator Wong and Senator Cameron endorsed the Climate Change Minister's jackboot approach.

"Minister Combet has also demonstrated disturbing ignorance as to the daily realities of doing business in Tasmania.

"Instead of monstering a small business - one which the ACCC has confirmed is doing nothing wrong - Minister Combet should wake up and realise Tasmania is an island state with an economy that is inextricably reliant on sea and air freight links, and that freight costs are set to increase because of his government's toxic Carbon Tax.

"Freight companies have been warning Tasmanian customers since February that there will be higher charges from July 1, and the companies have clearly stated that one of the key reasons for this is the Carbon Tax. (letters attached)

"Even TT Line - a Tasmanian Government Business Enterprise - has advised freight customers of Carbon Tax-related increases from July 1.

"Labor can spin all they like, but the reality is that the Carbon Tax will drive up prices, cost jobs and do nothing for the environment and that's why the Federal Coalition is committed to scrapping it." Senator Colbeck said.

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