Green groups exposed in double game at forest talks

Coalition Forestry spokesman Richard Colbeck has demanded full and honest disclosure of interests by environmental figures around the table of the State's teetering forestry talks.

He said serious ethical questions had been raised by the forced disclosure of the make-up of the Tarkine National Coalition.

Group spokesman Scott Jordan told journalists the Tarkine National Coalition had an 'emergency meeting' on June 1, deciding to suspend its role in the so-called forest peace talks," Senator Colbeck said.

"What we now know is that Dr Phill Pullinger, apart from being a lead environmental negotiator in the talks, is also a member of the Tarkine National Coalition board.

"So at the time he's part of a group headed for the door, he's keeping his seat at the table."

Senator Colbeck said the situation was a disgrace.

"No wonder the Tarkine National Coalition resisted calls to reveal the identity of its board members," he said. "How can industry possibly have any trust in the process when key participants are playing two positions at once?"

"How could this ever have become an enduring, durable peace deal with that sort of treachery going on?

"We have long known of this web that runs through the Green movement and suspected double games were being played.

"Now we have real proof and it is time for full disclosure of multiple interests by all of the green groups in the talks."

031012Green groups exposed in double game at forest talks

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