Guarantees to recreational fishers

The Coalition guarantees it will not cut funding to the recreational fishing sector - it's not possible to cut any further - Labor has already reduced funding to Recfish to zero, effectively spelling the end for the organisation.

The Coalition welcomes the recent emergence of representative voices for the recreational sector mostly in response to the dismissive treatment of the sector by the Labor government through the Marine Planning process.

"The recreational sector has demonstrated its capacity to raise significant amounts of money for specific campaigns - that capacity also needs to be harnessed to help support a rational representative organisation."

The Coalition looks forward to continuing discussions with recreational fishers to support the development and implementation of a national representative structure.

"The Coalition understands the very important role this sector plays in many local and regional economies and in supporting tourism.

"That is why we also hope that the States will play their role in supporting the development of a truly representative rec fishing organisation."

Senator Colbeck said, "The Coalition can also guarantee that it will not rely on marine protected areas as a blunt tool to manage fish stocks.

"We do not believe in locking Australians out of their own oceans. We have some of the best managed fisheries in the world, which local fishers should be able to enjoy."

The Coalition looks forward to working cooperatively with the recreational fishing sector to ensure that enjoyment continues.

031012 Guarantees to Recreational Fishers

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