$100 million Labor fund to buy seats, not jobs

Coalition forestry spokesman Senator Richard Colbeck has called on the Rudd government to release all documents associated with the assessment of the $100 million forest shutdown fund announced last week.

"The Liberals have been asking for weeks for details on the allocation and assessment process for what was supposed to be a strategic fund". Senator Colbeck said.

"It is becoming clearer by the day that the only strategy is holding onto Labor seats - this process appears to have all the integrity of Ros Kelly's white board.

"It wasn't the lapping of the Tamar River you heard at the launch of the $100 million last week, it was the slosh slosh slosh of Kevin Rudd's election slush fund.

"Which seats are Labor trying to bulwark?

"With some of the communities hardest hit by the forest industry shut down ignored, one can only assume that this package is about shoring up votes, not creating jobs.

"If Labor is to have any credibility then they must throw open the books."

Senator Colbeck has again called on the Government to clarify simple questions about the scheme:

  • What was the assessment criteria and the process to assess projects against them?
  • Who are the unsuccessful applicants?
  • How were 400 applications properly assessed in just 6 days?
  • Who was on the selection panel and what were their roles?
  • Do they have any connections to successful projects?
  • How many applications without business cases were approved?
  • How many jobs will be created?

"There are already murmurings of dissatisfaction coming from the public service, the cracks in the facade are starting to show, Kevin Rudd is up to his old trick again

"This process is starting to take on a stench greater than the sewer laden sludge rakings from the bottom of the Tamar River."

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