Call for compassion from Tony Burke

Coalition Fisheries spokesman Senator Richard Colbeck today repeated calls for an extension of the public consultation period for Labor's massive Marine Park Areas.

"It is bad enough that Australia's fishing communities have been given only 30 days to comment on management plans for Environment Minister Tony Burke's lock-out marine parks," he said.

"Now they are forced to do it while dealing with the effects of catastrophic natural disasters down the east coast.

"Some businesses are affected by more than one zone and to have to get across the detail and comment in just 30 days. That is just not fair.

"Now they have bigger, more immediate issues to deal with too.

"It is about time Tony Burke gave some consideration to those he is locking out and had some compassion for their current situation.

"An extension of the comment period to 90 days to give them a fair chance to comment and deal with the impact of these natural disasters is very reasonable."

060213Call for compassion from Tony Burke
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