Colbeck: World heritage extension boundaries are still being drafted


The farce that is the sham forest deal has descended into further chaos with the revelation that the proposed boundaries have not yet been finalized.

In a letter to forest IGA signatory interim chair Jane Calvert, dated April 30, Environment Minister Tony Burke said his officials continued to work with the Tasmanian Government and Forestry Tasmania to define the extension boundaries.

"This is nothing short of a disgrace," Senator Colbeck said. "Mr Burke has blundered through this process with no regard for the requirement that the community be able to make informed comment on the proposed listing.

"Minister Burke took no notice of our warnings prior to the hopelessly flawed nomination being submitted."

Fatal flaws in this process have included:

1. Mr Burke submitting the proposal as a minor boundary adjustment, to avoid proper process, when clearly it is not.
2. Mr Burke blundering in, nominating regrowth forest from clear fell and burn, areas of forest nominated to be harvested under his sham deal, and even areas of private land.

3. Mr Burke ignoring the fact that the Tasmanian parliament had not made its final decision on the legislation to implement the process.

4. The Tasmanian Parliament subsequently deciding to remove 35,000ha from the area nominated by Mr Burke

"To learn now that the boundaries are not yet finalised sheds some light on the reason that detailed maps have not been made available for the public to make comment on,"Senator Colbeck said.

"It has been impossible to properly assess the real impact on the community without the real detail.

"There is no way that they can justifiably consider this proposal given the way it was submitted and now being managed. It should be rejected."

210513Colbeck World heritage extension boundaries are still being drafted
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