Greens call for more resources 'offensive'

Coalition Forestry spokesman Senator Richard Colbeck's response to the Greens media release backing fuel reduction burns and calling for additional Parks and Wildlife Service resources:

"It's a bit rich for the Greens to come out after the event talking about fuel reduction burns when they have attacked them at almost every turn.

"Every time a puff of smoke has appeared on the horizon during burn-off season the Greens have hit the airwaves attacking the forest industry.

"The reality is that the Green policy of opposing native forest harvesting regimes and more lock-ups will contribute to higher fuel loads in our forests and, with those higher fuel loads, more intense fires.

"The research is very clear. A well-managed native forestry regime combined with effective fuel reduction in non-harvested areas will help mitigate the intensity of bushfires.

"Other countries have learned these lessons. In the US, California for example, forests are managed more intensively closer to built-up areas, providing a level of protection for residents.

"Yet here in Australia the greens continue to advocate locking up more forest and closing down the industry, which increases the risk to communities.

"It is really quite offensive that in an attempt to deflect the deserved criticism coming their way that they call for more resources for fuel reduction burns."

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