In the face of community outcry, the Minister calls on his mates


Facing communities in crisis and a collapsing timber industry, Tasmanian Economic Development Minister David O'Byrne called a meeting of the very people who signed the deal killing the State's economy.

Coalition Forestry spokesman Senator Richard Colbeck said it was farcical for Mr O'Byrne to respond to grave concerns by industry and local government by meeting instead with parties which have a vested interest in the sham industry shutdown.

Mr O'Byrne met with a sub-committee of signatories to the so-called forest peace deal overnight, with both issuing releases brushing aside angst over poor governance, rushed process and misdirected money.

"This proves Labor and the Greens have learnt nothing from successive Auditor General reports," Senator Colbeck said.

"Let's call this out. It's not a strategic development process - it's a tacky short-term stimulus package. It's not about reshaping Tasmania's economy, it's about trying to buy votes."

Senator Colbeck also discounted a list of motherhood statements released by Mr O'Byrne to try to deflect real scrutiny about accountability issues with the scheme.

Has Minister O'Byrne answered the questions asked by Senator Colbeck on June 11 and re-issued on July 2?: - What was the application process to access the funding? NO

- Who was eligible? NO

- What were the terms and conditions? NO

- What is the process for assessing projects or applications? NO

- Who was on the panel with Professor West and how would they operate? NO

- What was the process for announcing the grants? NO
-What are the compliance arrangements? NO

"We simply can't afford to spend taxpayers' dollars shutting down Tasmanian businesses and jobs.

"What happened to Kevin Rudd the self-proclaimed fiscal conservative?

"Instead, he's back - the real Kevin - reckless Kevin and Labor's reckless spending. It is time this reckless spending stopped!"

090713In the face of community outcry the Minister calls on his mates
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