Labor Gives with One Hand but Takes with the Other

Labor Membor for Braddon Sid Sidebottom and Labor Innovation Minister Kim Carr's $25m splurge of taxpayer's money today, just a week before the election, shows that Labor is beginning to get desperate.
Tasmanians can expect to hear a tsunami of unfunded promises and desperate lies from Mr Sidebottom and Labor over the next week.
Senator Colbeck said Labor's overdue attempt to help the food processing sector takes no account of the woes that six years of Labor Government has inflicted on the sector.
He said that subsidising projects was a short-term solution, and the Coalition would consider that, but at the end of the day businesses need to be economically viable.
"That is what Simplot is saying and that is what the Labor Government doesn't understand."
"Labor tries to put the entire blame for industry woes at the feet of the GFC and the high Asian dollar, but they forget all the costs they have imposed on industry over the last six years," Senator Colbeck said.
Labor Government fails:
  • Labor's Industrial Relations laws have put the unions back in control and added cost
  • The Carbon Tax has added millions of dollars per year to the cost of doing business for a company like Simplot
  • Labor's changes to shipping regulations have cost Simplot over $1.5 million per year in shipping costs and caused them to lose markets, yet we have not seen one extra Australian vessel on the Australin coast.
  • The introduction of Labor's flawed star rating system will cost Simplot $3 million to implement, yet it will give cream cheese a higher health rating than an apple.
Senator Colbeck said that Labor just doesn't understand business. In contrast, the Coalition is taking a careful and considered approach to our funding commitments and we remain in discussion with a number of companies about their funding requests.
"Only the Coalition has a real plan to grow the Tasmanian economy and remove the unnecessary cost imposed on business by Labor," Senator Colbeck said.
If elected, the Coalition will: .
  • Abolish the Carbon Tax
  • Remove costly restrictions on coastal shipping
  • Bring Industrial Relations back to the sensible centre
  • Reduce red tape by $1 billion per year
300813 Labor Gives with One Hand and Takes With the Other
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