Modelling delay stunt

The Labor-Green Government's 'do nothing' modelling is nothing more than a stunt and misuse of public funds, according to Coalition Forestry spokesman Senator Richard Colbeck.

Senator Colbeck was responding to news yesterday that socio-economic modelling had been delayed because those doing the research had been asked to consider a 'do-nothing' scenario in the event the IGA plan does not proceed.

"Doing nothing has never been an option and the Coalition addressed this in our policy at the 2010 election. We've been speaking about it since," Senator Colbeck said. "There have been many, however, who have not been prepared to listen, often too invested in the current sham process.

"Admittedly industry players have been captured by the process and it is a bit hard to consider the future when you are fighting for your life.

"There are obvious alternatives to the disaster that is the IGA that will give industry, environmental, social and community benefits, and the Government should consider them.

"If the Government does not do this, it shows this study is not about delivering information to the community, it is just an expensive taxpayer-funded stunt.

"I also wonder if it is possible to factor in the prospect of a Government that stands up for forestry and counters greens misinformation, instead of being perpetually missing in action like Minister Joe Ludwig and his parliamentary secretary Sid Sidebottom."

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