Protest group should wear costs in delay to mine project


Senator for Tasmania Richard Colbeck has called for full disclosure about how the Tarkine National Coalition bankrolled legal action which has halted construction at the Shree Minerals site on Tasmania's West Coast today.

"Green groups get a range of privileges, including public money, to run these sorts of reckless claims against business,"Senator Colbeck said.

"This should be seen as a vexatious action and, if it fails, the Tarkine National Coalition should be subject to the costs in the delay to this project.

The people of the North-West - where unemployment is currently over 9% - deserve to know if taxpayers' money has been used to help shutdown work at the site.

"The TNC has been exposed to be a kitchen table outfit, enjoying tax-free status and attacking employment opportunities for Tasmanians.

"They do not have the social licence to make these claims.

"This is a clear indication of the failure of the Labor Government to create safe passage for business and development in a region which desperately needs industry expansion and job creation."

100513Protest group should wear costs in delay to mine project
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