Senator Richard Colbeck Welcomes Simplot Lifeline

October 18, 2013

Senator Richard Colbeck today welcomed Woolworth's $16.5 million investment in Simplot.

Woolworths announced it would invest $16.5 million in Simplot to source 100 per cent of its Select frozen vegetables from Australia by May 2014.

Senator Colbeck said the increased demand was welcome news for workers at the Simplot factory and local growers.

"I have met with Woolworths a number of times to discuss the importance of sourcing Australian products. Research shows that Australian consumers are requesting Australian grown produce," he said.

"This investment by Woolworths provides a base demand for the Devonport factory and will help underpin the future of the plant."

Senator Colbeck said it was important to ensure that farmersare able to make a reasonable return for their efforts.

"This doesn't mean we can become complacent about the costs of doing business. We need to remain competitive in the market and there is still work to be done," he said.

The Coalition has a Growth Plan for Tasmania which includes establishing a Fruit and Vegetable Task Force to promote the expansion of the fruit and vegetable industry.

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