Sham forest peace doesn't even last until the final vote


The much-hyped and sham promise of peace for the Tasmanian forest industry did not even survive until the final vote in the Tasmanian Parliament.

"With national leaders of the Green movement - Christine Milne, Bob Brown, Peg Putt - and local Kim Booth all declaring the deal dead, the predictions of the Coalition have been realised earlier than even we imagined," Opposition Forestry spokesman Senator Richard Colbeck said.

"Hours before the legislation passed, the most active of the destructive market campaign groups, Markets For Change, pronounced that campaigns had already commenced.

"So what of this much vaunted peace that has been peddled so gullibly to the Tasmanian community by Labor and sections of the media?

"By the time it was voted through this deal was dead on arrival - never taking its first breath."

Senator Colbeck said the result was entirely predictable because the Greens had walked away from every previous attempt to create harmony in Tasmanian forests.

"Even Labor should understand by now that you just can't deal with the Greens," Senator Colbeck said. "The real message from this process is that all you have to do is create conflict and a weak Labor Government, pushed by the Greens, will give into whatever demands have been made.

"What incentive was there ever to stop?"

010513Sham forest peace doesn’t even last until the final vote
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