Sham World Heritage Committee nomination descends further into farce


Question: When is a finalised boundary not finalised? Answer: When it is finalised "for the purposes of world heritage".

Coalition Forestry spokesman Senator Richard Colbeck said officials' answers to questions in Senate estimates over a proposed extension to the Tasmanian World Heritage Area further exposed terminal flaws in the application.

On April 30, Environment Minister Tony Burke wrote to Jane Calvert, of the CMFEU stating:

"My officials continue to work closely with the Tasmanian Government and Forestry Tasmania to refine the management boundary for the nominated extensions to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area."


"Agreed objectives of this process are to maintain the size and values of the nominated World Heritage Area and to define a boundary that will enable Forestry Tasmania to deliver the wood supply outcomes incorporated in the Tasmanian Forest Agreement..."

Senator Colbeck said these were clear references that the boundaries were not finalised, but Mr Burke continued to blunder on with his application.

"The committee was told this week that while indigenous communities in Northern Australia would be determinants as to whether there would even be a nomination, the indigenous community in Tasmania had not been consulted and that would occur after the listing was determined," he said.

"And in a further astonishing revelation, the amendment moved by Tasmanian Independent Greg Hall, to excise 35,000 hectares from the nominated area, would be completely ignored. According to officials, it will have no effect on the Commonwealth's application.

"This is despite the intent of Mr Hall's amendment being crystal clear and his writing to the World Heritage Committee to express that intent.

"So now it is clear that not only is Mr Burke riding roughshod over the Tasmanian people he is also doing the same to the Tasmanian Parliament.

"Tony Burke should show some respect for the Tasmanian people and Parliament"

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300513 Sham World Heritage Committee nomination descends further into farce
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