This reckless spending must stop


Labor's recycled Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has spent a frenetic week trying to convince Australians he is the new Kevin - the more considered Kevin, the more consultative Kevin.

However, events in Tasmania, where the ALP is rushing to spend its $100 million election slush fund, demonstrate that nothing has changed Days after the damning Coroner's Report into deaths caused by the Pink Batts scheme, and the same Labor recklessness is evident in the forest industry shutdown.

"This is simply a Government out of control," Coalition forestry spokesman Senator Richard Colbeck said. "When Julia Gillard cynically changed the timeframe on this program to turn it into an election slush fund, in quick time we had the Member for Lyons running around saying he already knew where the money was to be spent.

"Just last week we had the appearance of a committee headed by an employee of the University of Tasmania giving $10 million to the university.

"Now we have councils being asked to put up "shovel ready" projects and voicing the concerns we all have - that this money will be squandered with no real lasting benefit to the Tasmanian economy."

Senator Colbeck repeated the questions about the scheme he first raised on June 11 and re-issued on July 2:

- What was the application process to access the funding?

- Who was eligible?

- What were the terms and conditions?

- What is the process for assessing projects or applications?

- Who was on the panel with Professor West and how would they operate?

-What was the process for announcing the grants?

What are the compliance arrangements?

"Has the Labor Party learnt nothing from the chaos of its own disasters?" Senator Colbeck said. "Surely the reports into previous forestry programs by the Auditor General must have some impression on the Labor Party?

"Kevin Rudd tries to convince us that things have changed but it is obvious it is the same old Labor.

"This reckless spending must stop!"

080713This reckless spending must stop
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