Whitehaven hoax a chance to balance the scales

The Whitehaven Coal hoax was a potential watershed for Australian business - a clear reason for regulators to provide security against reckless threats from green and other splinter groups.

Coalition Forestry spokesman Senator Richard Colbeck said the hoax was an outrageous attack on a legitimate and legally operating business.

"Time and time again we see these green groups and environmentalists disregard the law to achieve their own agenda," Senator Colbeck said.

"In fact, we've had the leader of the Greens, Christine Milne, backing this stunt, saying it is part of a proud history of civil disobedience.

"That's right up there with her Tasmanian counterpart Nick McKim comparing the actions of Ta Ann protesters last year with Ghandi and Nelson Mandela."

Senator Colbeck has welcomed comments from ASIC Commissioner Greg Tanzer that the regulator would investigate the Whitehaven hoax in relation to laws governing the spreading of false information which could affect market securities.

The maximum penalty was $500,000 fine or 10 years in jail.

"The Whitehaven hoax - and green stunts in the same vein - have real-world impacts on real-world people," Senator Colbeck said. "That includes the Mum and Dad investors caught up in the $314 million wiped off Whitehaven's value.

"It's time we started to react with real-world responses.

"We have a choice. We can either provide security and certainty for Australian business and investors or we continue to allow greens to abuse the privileges afforded to them in the name of the environment.

"The Coalition believes there is an opportunity here to send a clear message to campaigners that your comfort blanket is gone; that in the real world there are real consequences to your actions."

100113Whitehaven hoax a chance to balance the scales
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