Wilderness railway, Cat are why we need a growth plan for Tasmania

Senator for Tasmania Richard Colbeck said it was past time to stop lurching from crisis to crisis and put Tasmania on a broad footing for growth and development.

He said it was important to respond meaningfully to the needs of those hard hit by job losses at Burnie's Caterpillar operation and the State's iconic West Coast Wilderness Railway.

However, it was equally important to create a general environment in which business and industry development was encouraged.

"We've just seen 100 jobs go from Cat and the possible shutdown of one of Tasmania's best-known tourism brands," Senator Colbeck said.

"Meanwhile, in Canberra today Federal Labor is besieged by scandal, infighting and leadership speculation. And their Green partners keep telling us tourism will be Tasmania's saviour.

"We simply have to stop the rot. We need majority government. The Coalition is completely focussed on developing Tony Abbott's growth plan for Tasmania."

Senator Colbeck said the choice for voters was stark.

"On one hand you have Labor and their Green partners focussed on social issues, crippling core industries and cooking up welfare initiatives," he said.

"Do they seriously think that's going to deliver the future Tasmanians deserve? It won't. It will deliver more of the same.

"On the other hand you have Tony Abbott and the Liberals intent on delivering real jobs for the real world."

"A Coalition Government will support economic pillars such as mining and agriculture. We will cut red and green tape. We will move on a growth plan for this State."

050213Wilderness railway, Cat are why we need a growth plan for Tasmania
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