Australia's fisheries in good shape

Australia's fisheries in good shape

Senator Richard Colbeck, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture, today released the second Status of Key Australian Fish Stocks reports which show Australia's fisheries are well managed and in good shape.

Senator Colbeck is in Melbourne today to host the first meeting of state and territory fisheries ministers in more than a decade. He launched the reports at a function hosted by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

"More than 100 fisheries researches from around Australia combined their efforts to assess the status of 238 wild-capture fish stocks - finding the majority of stocks are classified as sustainable," he said.

"The reports provide a high level of transparency and will give seafood consumers confidence that Australia's fish stocks are sustainably managed."

"Australia has an excellent record in fisheries management and the reports provide a scientifically robust demonstration of this."

Senator Colbeck said the reports were a great tool to help fishers, fisheries managers, seafood consumers and the broader community understand the status of the key wild capture fish stocks around Australia.

The report builds on the inaugural 2012 edition with the addition of 19 new species that were nominated by the States and the Northern Territory.

The reports were developed collaboratively between the ABARES, FRDC and government fishery research agencies from all states, the Northern Territory and CSIRO.

The reports are available at

Key points:

  • 68 species were assessed across Australia. The species chosen were key wild caught fish stocks representing over 90 per cent of the value and 85 per cent of the volume of Australian catch.
  • 238 individual fish stocks were assessed
  • 129 stocks were classified as sustainable. This represents more than 83 per cent of the total Australian wild caught seafood.
101214 Australian fisheries in good shape
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