Green's Land Grab Never Stops

31 March 2014

Senator Richard Colbeck is not surprised by admissions from the environmental groups made to the Senate Environment and Communications Committee Inquiry into the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA). The Senate Inquiry took evidence at a sitting in Hobart today.

A number of environment groups submitted that the 2013 extension of 170,000 ha which was an increase in area of 13% was not satisfactory and reiterated their desire to extend the TWWHA even further.

"The admission by The Wilderness Society, Australian Conservation Foundation and Environment Tasmania that they are seeking further extensions to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area shows what we have been saying all through this process," he said.

"The Greens Party and environmental groups want to kill off the forestry industry and enough is never enough."

Senator Colbeck pointed out that, "We know from their submissions to the World Heritage Commission in 2010 that they wanted the estate extended by 806,000 ha. The 2013 extension of 170,000 ha was never going to meet their demands."

"It is obvious that the ENGOs will never be satisfied until the great majority of public land in Tasmania is forever locked away from human use, this includes not only forestry and mining, but will extend to popular recreational activities like horse-riding, hunting, fishing and even bee-keeping which introduces exotic animals into the environment."

"There was never going to be any peace. It was just a ruse to draw in the gullible," he said.

Senator Colbeck declared, "These Green groups are lost in the last century attitudes of lock up and lock out. Progressive thinkers now promote broad landscape scale management."

As the FAO Director-General, Jos Graziano da Silva, said in the 2012 State of the World's Forests Report,

"A challenge for the forestry profession is to communicate the simple idea that the best way of saving a forest is to manage it sustainably and to benefit from its products and ecosystem services. If the principles of sustainable forest management are applied and forest products and ecosystem services play an increasing role, the global economy will become greener."

Greens Land Grab Never Stops
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