The 'World Heritage Mockery' Continues

  • Inside TWWHA at Mother Cummings, Great Western Tiers

In 2013 Labor and the Greens extended the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area to include forests they claimed were 'pristine and untouched wilderness'.

However, their own claims about some of the areas included in the extension reveal the extent of this sham process and enhance the Coalition's case that the existing estate would be enhanced by removing areas that detract from the outstanding universal values.

In 2005 The Wilderness Society's Vica Bailey made a scathing assessment of the Mother Cummings area at the Great Western Tiers, an area that is now classified as 'Wilderness World Heritage'.

"The forest at Mother Cummings was pristine oldgrowth, with all the associated environmental values. Logging has removed those values. Although a so-called forest remains, those unique values are gone."(1)

Last year Vica Bailey told a very different story about the extended TWWHA.

"The Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage area was extended to encompass wild valleys and spectacular forest areas of international significance...(this) confirms and protects the significant conservation values they hold."(2)

The Greens continue to make confused and contradictory statements.

They will say anything to achieve their goal of destroying the native forest industry in Tasmania, and along with it destroy the livelihoods of hard working Tasmanians.

The Coalition believes that forestry can provide dividends for the environment, the community and industry.

The fact that areas like this are now included in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area makes a mockery of the Labor/Green nomination to extend the area in 2013.

We are seeking a minor boundary modification of the TWWHA extension to restore dignity to the existing estate.


(2) 'Critics Must Embrace TFA', Sunday Tasmanian, December 29 2013

230514 The World Heritage Mockery Continues
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