World Heritage Mockery - May 9

  • Inside TWWHA at Great Western Tiers area

May 9, 2014

This photo is taken inside the TWWHA extension at Mother Cummings Peak. Greens MP Kim Booth once described this area as having been ruthlessly trashed, yet now claims it is worthy of World Heritage listing.

This photograph was taken inside the recently extended Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area - it is an example of an area that Labor, the Greens and ENGO's say is pristine, untouched forest.

They claim this forest has "outstanding" wilderness values and is suitable for Wilderness World Heritage listing.

These areas have in fact been harvested over many years, yet forestry operations have caused such little long-term damage that the Greens now claim they are World Heritage quality.

The Australian forestry industry is undeniably sustainable and does not destroy our forests as the Greens continue to claim in their confused and contradictory statements.

Forestry can provide dividends for the environment, the community and industry.

The fact that areas like this are now included in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area makes a mockery of the Labor/Green nomination to extend the area in 2013.

090514 World Heritage Mockery
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