Official opening of the Three Capes Track

21 December, 2015

It's fantastic to be here and I acknowledge Matthew and Eric Hutchinson, our local member.

I thank our indigenous representatives, firstly for the welcome to country, but also for the dance, that was very appropriate to begin the opportunity from this particular project to regenerate some of the indigenous connections to country I think is a seriously important one.

I'm very pleased that that process has continued as the development of the project has gone on to include some of the interpretations along the walk.

One of the things I think we can do better in this country is to understand and create a better understanding amongst our broader community of the indigenous heritage of our country.

Also I reflect on Matthew's congratulations to all of those who've been involved in the development of this project over a considerable period of time and it's good to see you here Paul (Lennon). To come up with the concept and the vision for a project such as this which I think will, as Matthew said, become one of the iconic representations of how Australia is marketed on the global stage.

This walk will be part of Australia's new marketing campaign that will be launched in the early New Year, Coastal and Aquatic, through Tourism Australia. Tasmania's representation on the global stage from January next year will be represented around Rob Pennicott and the Three Capes Track.

As Matthew said, Rob's work, Port Arthur and what will become a great and iconic walk representing the state I think is really quite important. That's the reason that the Commonwealth Government has been prepared to make a contribution to the development of this track.

We are very, very anxious to see that a tourism benefit goes out to the broader regional community; regional Australia must take advantage and benefit from the current boom in tourism. This project will actually contribute to that and the demand that we're seeing to actually participate in it is fantastic.

And all of the work that's gone on to pull this together - conceptual, contractors, design, promotional material - congratulations to everyone.

It's a real pleasure to be here on behalf of the Commonwealth, particularly as Tourism Minister, to participate in the launch of the track today.

Congratulations to everyone involved. I think it's very well earnt and I genuinely look forward to seeing the advantages, the benefits and the contribution that this makes to the industry, not just here in Tasmania but also nationally.

So congratulations to everyone. It's a real pleasure to be here at the opening.


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