Extreme Dark Greens still in control

Despite attempts by national Greens leader Richard Di Natale to "mainstream" the Greens, it's been confirmed that the Extreme Dark Greens are still firmly in control.

In an embarrassing back-down, State Greens Leader Cassy O'Connor has reversed her previous support for a walking track into Lake Geeves in Southern Tasmania.

In April, Ms O'Connor said the project, which the Turnbull Government is backing with a $70,000 feasibility study, had "real merit".

Now, under pressure from the Dark Greens, she has changed her position, lamely claiming her position has "evolved".*

This excuse is laughable.

Everyone knows what has really has happened is that former Senator Brown and his acolytes have pressured Ms O'Connor into changing her position.

As far as they are concerned, Tasmania's World Heritage Areas should be locked up and the key thrown away.

In contrast, the Turnbull Coalition Government sees our Wilderness World Heritage Area as a magnificent asset which should be carefully and sensitively showcased to as many people as possible; and to support jobs and growth in regional Tasmanian towns such as Geeveston.

Ms O'Connor's back-down is further evidence the extreme, anti-jobs nature of the Greens and is why they can't be trusted with your vote this Saturday.


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