Record numbers of Aussies holidaying at home will help tourism hit 2020 targets

16 March 2016

The Australian tourism industry's continuing run of record breaking numbers confirms the industry as one of the five key super-growth sectors for the next decade.

Strong growth in domestic overnight expenditure coupled with record growth in international expenditure means the Tourism Industry Potential is now at $94.5 billion - up 10.5 per cent and tracking above the lower bound of the $115 billion by 2020 target for the first time.

The Tourism Research Australia National Visitor Survey figures, released today, show Australians are continuing the trend of choosing interstate travel ahead of overseas trips with many opting to participate in outdoor, nature and health related activities.

In more good news for the industry, the number of interstate trips experienced 10 per cent growth for the year ending December 2015 - the largest increase in interstate travel since the survey commenced in 1998.

Domestic overnight visitor spending also reached a record $57.9 billion in the year ending December 2015, an increase of six per cent.

The survey showed overnight trip holiday spend increased six percent to a record $28.2 billion, while holiday nights increased three percent to 133.3 million nights.

The number of domestic overnight visitors going to health spas increased 30 per cent, those exercising, going to a gym or swimming increased 29 per cent as did the number of trips to visit botanical or other public gardens.

On the back of strong growth for domestic overnight holiday and business travel the number of nights in hotels, motels and resorts increased eight per cent to 80.9 million. Nights in this type of accommodation account for 25 per cent of all domestic visitor nights.

These results affirm the strength, depth and quality of the Australian tourism offering, not just in our cities but also, importantly, in our rural and regional areas.

Tourism operators across Australia are benefiting from the Government's pro-growth policies, including measures to reduce red tape and making tourism one of five National Investment Priorities to support the building of new infrastructure.

We are seeing record growth figures in tourism; however we cannot afford to be complacent. The Government will be focusing on international aviation capacity, labour and skills shortages, infrastructure and visa reform to ensure we reach our potential and meet predicted demand.

For more information visit the Tourism Research Australia website.

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