Tourism Employment Plan to drive jobs and growth in Tasmania

The draft Tourism Employment Plan for the North West and West Coast of Tasmania released for industry consultation today by the Cradle Coast Authority will help Tasmania's workforce to meet the demands of our growing tourism industry.

Tourism makes a significant contribution to jobs and growth in Tasmania - it contributes to 9 per cent of Tasmania's Gross Domestic Product and employs approximately 37,000 Tasmanians.

The Tourism Employment Plan is a product of close collaboration between the Tasmanian tourism and hospitality industry, the Tasmanian Government and the Australian Government through Austrade.

Tourism is one of five super-growth sectors driving jobs and growth as we transition to a strong new economy. It contributes over $120 billion a year to our economy and employs nearly a million people.

However, there are some 38,000 unfilled positions in the sector and this figure is set to reach 123,000 by 2020 - including 60,000 skilled positions - if current trends continue.

Initiatives like Tourism Employment Plans are critical to ensure that we can address labour and skills issues and grow the tourism industry.

Underpinning the Tasmanian Tourism Employment Plan are three pilot projects:

  • Cradle Coast Ambassador and Family Program
  • Delivering Excellent Visitor Experience
  • Mystery Visitor Experience Program

These projects will raise the profile of the tourism and hospitality industry as an attractive career choice, support the delivery of excellent visitor experience by tourism and hospitality operators, and strategically influence business understanding of excellent service performance and visitor experiences.

The Turnbull Government is committed to addressing labour force issues in partnership with industry. Initiatives such Tourism Employment Plans will ease regional employment pressures, help retain quality staff, coordinate training needs with business planning and encourage labour mobility.

The tourism industry is set grow at 4.1 per cent per year over the next decade - well above the national growth average. We will continue to work with industry to promote tourism as much more than a job, but a satisfying and rewarding career in a dynamic and growing sector.

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