Senator Colbeck

Budget 2011-12 - The Coalition responds

Julie Gillard and Wayne Swan's Federal Budget fails Australian families.

In four budgets Federal Labor has turned a $20 billion surplus into a $50 billion deficit and $70 billion in net assets into $107 billion of debt. This Government is still borrowing $135 million every single day."

Tony Abbott and the Federal Coalition are fully aware of these growing cost pressures and are committed to bringing the Government to account and keeping unnecessary spending and costs down to ease the burden on families and Australian business.

Unlike Labor, Tony Abbott and the Coalition see that Australia's forgotten families need relief from rising cost of living pressures, new taxes and wasteful government spending to take unnecessary upward pressure off interest rates.

Every household in Tasmania facing these cost pressures will understand why this Labor Government should live within its means and avoid doing harm to small businesses and the legions of workers who are the backbone of our economy.

Families in Tasmania know that since Labor was elected, electricity prices are up 51 per cent, gas up 30 per cent and water up 46 per cent. Education costs have risen 24 per cent, health 20 per cent and rent 21 per cent. Grocery prices are up 14 per cent."

A $26-a-tonne carbon tax will add 25 per cent more to electricity bills and 6.5 cents a litre more to fuel bills that are already skyrocketing.

Tony Abbott and the Coalition have a plan to get Australia back on track. You can read about it here, and also view or read Mr Abbott's Budget in Reply speech.

You can read Senator Colbeck's Budget response press releases here.