TFES enhancement will boost Tasmanian economy

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In March 2015 the Coalition Government announced a $203 million expansion to the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme (TFES).

This extension commenced on 1 January 2016, meaning Tasmanian businesses can now send goods via the mainland to markets not previously covered by the Scheme.

Tasmanian businesses selling these goods can claim $700 per shipping container and shippers from King Island and the Furneaux Group of Islands will be eligible for a 15 per cent additional loading.

The expanded TFES will boost the competitiveness of Tasmanian businesses and provide a substantial incentive for local businesses to sell their products to broader markets.

Each time there had been an increase in capacity or an improvement in cost on Bass Strait, there had also been a boost in the Tasmanian economy. This latest enhancement opens Tasmania to the world and means this state is better placed than ever before to play our part in high value global markets.

We promised at the last federal election that we would enhance the scheme and we have delivered on that committment.

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