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    Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper

    The Australian Government recently released the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper, which is the government's $4 billion plan to grow agriculture. The White Paper identifies how we can make the sector more competitive and deliver practical actions to keep our farmers and farming...

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    Forestry issues paper open for comment

    The Coalition is looking towards the future of Australia's forestry industry, with the release of the issues paper Meeting future market demand: Australia's forest products and forest industry. The issues paper was developed by the Forest Industry Advisory Council (FIAC) and...

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  • TFES announcement

    TFES enhancement will boost Tasmanian economy

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott visited Devonport (March 13, 2015) to announce a $203 million expansion to the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme (TFES). From 1 January 2016, the TFES will be extended to goods going to markets not currently covered by the Scheme. Tasmanian...

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  • China Free Trade Agreement

    China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

    The landmark China-Australia Free Trade Agreement will add billions of dollars to our economy, create jobs and drive higher living standards for Australians. It is good news for our fisheries industry, with all tariffs on seafood to be eliminated in four...

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    Carbon Tax repeal will benefit Tasmania

    The  vote by the Senate to repeal the Carbon Tax will benefit Tasmanian industry and producers, Senator Richard Colbeck, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture said. Senator Colbeck said Tasmanian vegetable producer Simplot will save about $4 million per year...

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  • Ministerial Appointment

    Pic credit - Auspic

    Senator Richard Colbeck has been sworn into theTurnbull ministry (21/9/2015), being named Minister for Tourism and International Education and Minister Assisting the Minister for Trade and Investment. "I am very excited to have been given the opportunity to move into...

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  • Labor's opposition to ChAFTA shows they don't care about Australian jobs

    Please take a moment to read my opinion piece about the China Australia Free Trade Agreement, which was published in the Examiner Newspaper on 29 August 2015.   Labor's opposition to the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) is based...

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  • G20 Agriculture Ministers' meeting, Istanbul

    G20 Agriculture Ministers' Meeting

    Below is the statement that I delivered on behalf of Australia at the G20 Agriculture Ministers' meeting in Istanbil on 8 May 2015.   Thank you for the warm, generous and hospitable welcome.   It is my great pleasure to be with you all...

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  • Supertrawlers to be banned from Australian waters

    The Australian Government will move to ban supertrawlers from Australian waters. Supertrawlers were defined by Labor and ENGOs as factory freezer vessels more than 130 metres - the Coalition will adopt that definition and such vessels will not be permitted to...

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