Senator Colbeck

Queensland Floods Assistance

Queensland is experiencing a devastating flood crisis.

Lives have been lost, homes and businesses across a wide area have been destroyed in this natural disaster.

If you would like to donate money to the relief fund or volunteer for the clean-up and rebuilding efforts, the following links may be of assistance to you.

Premier's Flood Relief Appeal

- The Queensland Government has launched an appeal for financial donations. Donations can be made online, via telephone or in person at the locations listed on the Appeal website.

RSPCA Queensland Flood Appeal

- RSPCA Queensland has been rescuing pets, livestock and wildlife during the flood crisis and is now calling for financial donations to cover the cost of food, veterinary treatments, transport and other animal care supplies.

Volunteering Queensland

- Volunteering Queensland is working with the disaster management agencies and is taking registrations of interest from people who want to help with the floods clean up effort.

Please note, SCAMwatch is warning people to thoroughly check the legitimacy of charities when donating to help flood victims in central and south east Queensland.

Whilst many legitimate charities exist, scammers have been known to take advantage of the public's generosity and kindness in the aftermath of disastrous events.

You can make a report or check for a scam at the SCAMwatch website