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The Advocate - Politically Speaking: Labor chaos at both state and federal level on show for all to see

15 January 2023, Senator Richard Colbeck

The chaos of state and federal Labor was on full display yet again over summer with Labor's Tasmanian treasury spokesman complaining about a slowing economy all whilst federal Labor are taking credit for slowing it down.

We have all watched as state Labor opposes critical elements of hosting an AFL team in Tasmania, all whilst Federal Labor and the Prime Minister support it.

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Statement - the Hon Scott Morrison MP

23 January 2024

Senator the Hon Richard Colbeck today paid tribute to the service of the Hon Scott Morrison MP      as Prime Minister through one of the most difficult periods in Australia’s history.

“All through the pandemic, working with Scott Morrison every day I never saw anything other than someone determined to get our country through COVID-19 in the best possible shape,” Senator Colbeck said.

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